AAA Real Recorder

AAA Real Recorder 3

Sound Recorder

AAA Real Recorder is a powerful audio recorder and editor that has many very useful features. Its primary function is to record audio from various sources.

The program recognizes audio input from microphones so you can record your voice for doing narrations, voice-overs, and dubbing videos. AAA Real Recorder also recognizes and records any sound that goes through your sound card, including music played from your music player, audio files played, music from a game program, audio conversation in instant messaging programs, live audio streams and Internet radio.

AAA Real Recorder produces high-quality audio files that are saved in WAV or MP3 formats. Other things that AAA Real Recorder can do are basic audio editing including cutting long audio clips, mixing, joining clips, trimming and other useful functions.

For advanced users, they can take advantage of the program's customizable sampling settings. Users can get their ideal quality of audio by adjusting the sample rate, mono and stereo output, bit rate and other functions before recording.